Camp Sivells – May 2016

sivells02It is always a great time of fellowship on one of these trips. Bill Parr’s devotionals were outstanding. Pastor’s game time was full of joy and camaraderie. We worked hard and played hard. The dodge ball game we played with bows and arrows (soft covered points) was exciting and exhausting. Never get enough time in the high country with it’s cool mornings and nights full of stars. While waiting to take our final pictures before leaving we saw an eagle soaring above us, would have missed it except for it’s shadow seen in the trees. Hoping we have more of these types of mission trips.
Mark Clemons


The Men’s mission trip to New Mexico was a blessing and great experience. It was located in the mountains of New Mexico out of Cloudcroft. Here a few of the “happenings” while we were there.
  •  It was the LONGEST bus ride I’ve experienced in a LONG time. I am guessing that “Scottie” was our bus mechanic that gave “warp speed” to our vehicle. That is to say with Pastor John at the wheel.
  • We had 14 men going according to Frank. Caused a bit of delay.
  • The men were involved in painting, mowing, cleaning mattresses and whatever else needed to get camp operational. I understand Dan Parr really enjoyed playing in the grease trap.
  • We also helped Bro John’s brother get ready for a move to
  • Colorado. We moved his furniture to a storage unit.
  • An “uninvited” guest appeared in our room in the middle of the night. As I was sleeping I was awakened about 2AM. I thought I heard someone get up to get a drink. Next thing I knew something hairy and alive fell onto my face. I jumped out of bed and scrambled for my flashlight. Yes, a mouse was falling on me. I heard the next day this guest also paid a visit to Clint and Brad. I don’t think he made a face visit however.
  • The food was good and the fellowship better. I do want to know what kind of vitamins Bro John takes. He has more energy than the “Energizer Bunny”. After supper he would drag those who had a little energy left to play some kind of game shooting arrows at one another.
  • Bill Parr shared God’s word with us in the evenings. It was great encouragement. The men worked together in unity and we were blessed to be able to serve our Great God.
Jerry Cangemi


What a blessing to be a part of a group of men with a job to do. During the week I joined in the work of painting, laying tile in showers, replacing ceiling tiles, cleaning bathrooms, construction on the camp’s relocated offices, yard work, and helping the camp manager in a transition. All this to prepare for the 1200+ who would attend the camp.

 The working fellowship among the men was great. During periods after work we worshipped together with Mark Clemons on guitar and Bill Parr sharing God’s Word. We have managed to play some either by shooting arrows at each other in “Dodge Arrow” or playing games late into the night. Don, Ken, and I are prepped the primitive cabins for campers. This is perhaps one of the dirtiest jobs having to evict the critters who bedded down in the mattresses for the winter, but we probably had the best view while we worked.

Clint Brown


I am so glad that a group of men from TBC will choose to leave and spend time together helping a place of great ministry get prepared. We really get a great opportunity to really know each other from the travel time in the bus and the work time during the day to the shared time in Bible study and worship. God blessed us with a great group and great work. It is a testimony to our group that when we leave, there is an open invitation to come back again. Thank you men for your dedication and hard work.

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the
inheritance as your reward. Your are serving the Lord Christ.” Colossians 3:23 (ESV)

Pastor John
Whenever I am part of a Christian men’s group performing tasks and enjoying the fellowship of service to others, the experience is always
meaningful to me. While working with people that are new, and those that I have known from church but have never really had an opportunity to know personally, working with them on a day to day basis is always a plus.


Working on your specific group tasks, having discussion at night, and, also hearing/seeing the results of the other team’s labors gave a “ big picture “ perspective to the trip as a whole. The Bible Studies were very insightful and well presented. Overall the trip was very memorable and rewarding. I look forward to the next opportunity to serve.

Bruce Ebelt