2017 Mini DiscipleNow

Mini DiscipleNow
March 24 – 25, 2017
4th – 6th Graders
Signup through March 23rd Contact Paula or Kellee
Cost: $20
One night discipleship retreat for 4th-6th grade students. Boys will be staying at a home hosted by a church member home and girls will be at a separate church member home. Boys will be lead by Travis Garcia and girls by Melissa Hufsteadler. Children will learn about how to follow Jesus and be encouraged to have quiet time each day by reading the Bible and praying. Children will also learn about how to share their faith in Christ


May Pastor Pals

Pastor Pals Pizza Party
May 21, 2017
For those children who have met the points requirement for their age by May 14th.
Pastor Pals is TrinityKids’ scripture memory program. Children can learn their Bible study verses and say them by memory for pints. If enough points are earned for their age/grade the child will earn a trophy and pizza party with Pastor John. See Kellee on Sunday morning to say your verse.


Mission Heroes Mission Trip

May 13, 2017
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
1st – 3rd graders (parent/guardian must accompany)
4th – 6th graders (must have attended the Mini Now)
Register by May 11 with Paula or Kellee
Come and serve Highland Lakes Camp & Retreat Center on Saturday, May 13th. We will be helping clean up, paint, landscape, and other various things needed to help the camp get ready for summer. We will also be prayer walking in the afternoon. We will be praying for the staff, the students who attend camps, and especially for those who need to respond to the gospel this summer.




Church, if i may I would like to bend you ear about an upcoming event that you can help make a success! trinity Student Ministry is hosting an OUTREACH EVENT to area students on March 10th starting at 7pm and ending at midnight. This event is going to be built around a TAG BASED GAME called HUMANS VS. ZOMBIES. This event is a chance for Trinity students to invite their friends to be involved at a great evening event happening here at Trinity Baptist Church. Our hope is that through this event we, as a church and as a youth ministry, can conduct with a large number of students that may not have a church home or students that have not interacted with the Gospel. We are very confident that we could see 100+ students here on this night and with any event this size a considerable volunteer group is needed, that is where you come in.
We are in need of 50 ONSITE VOLUNTEERS as well as BEHIND THE SCENES SUPPORTERS for this event to come together. We are asking for this large group firstly to connect as many young people with members from our church and secondly because of the event quality we want to achieve. If you are interested here are the positions/teams that we arfe looking for both ONSITE and BEHIND THE SCENES.
    • Welcome and greet students as they arrive
    • Collect payment and paperwork for event
    • Hand out shirts and direct students on where to go next
    • Be available during gameplay (7pm-Midnight)


First Blessing in Kerrville, Texas

1blessGrowing up for some involves a lot of gently used things.  A brother will pass down his baseball equipment. A sister passes down a dress. Shoes are another item that gets passed down, some not-so gently used. Depending upon the situation and number of older siblings a child may see few items all their own.
On Saturday, November 19 2016 Trinity Baptist Church partnered with Shoe Carnival, Starky Elementary, ___ Elementary, and Ingram Elementary to give some children in the area their first pair of new shoes. Beginning with breakfast 6 waves of children and their families were welcomed for a meal, a few games, and the opportunity to choose a pair of shoes to take home.  School counselors identified and registered students from their schools for the event. Invitations were sent to families for all to attend along with their child.  In all 300 children received shoes.
This was the first time outside of Temple, Texas that Shoe Carnival facilitated this kind of event. Glen Lackey from Shoe Carnival brought with him staff and equipment as well as shoes. 


Mexico – July 2016

This was my first opportunity to go with Trinity Baptist Church to Piedras Negras, Mexico. A team of 8 people went. It was a blessing to work with each person and get to know them better.
We crossed the border at Del Rio where we were delayed a bit because authorities required Larry Danks and Conrad to unload and reload the supplies from the trailer. We then drove to Piedras Negras to the church where Julio was pastor. Arriving at the church we were met by the pastor and a man who lived at the church. He is the guard and we proceeded to unload all the supplies, VBS cloths, and chairs.
We drove to the La Quinta Hotel which was nice and air conditioned!!! Big blessing throughout the week. Each morning we had breakfast together at the hotel. Went to the church and set up for the afternoon Bible School. There was a class for the women during this VBS time as well. We were inside and outside and everywhere there was space at the church grounds. Conrad and Larry made sure the team had clean drinking water by using a filter system we had brought. Monday definitely was our HOTTEST day we experienced. Being busy with setup and preparations everyone didn’t drink as much water as needed. Terri and Jody passed out. We were blessed the rest of the week with cooler weather (below 100) anyway. Tomas was in charge of cooking our meals with jean and other helpers. We had good food and plenty to eat. Thanks Tomas and Jean and helpers. Pastor Julio would also join in with the cooking. He prepared meals for the 200 plus who came to VBS. We also had team members who joined us from San Antonio. Each day the ones who spoke Spanish would be in front of the church talking with people passing by. The people wanted to know what was going on. These folks told them and shared the Gospel with 2 men who accepted Christ as their Savior. Tuesday and Wednesday the team went to an orphanage. The Directors were Paulino and Betty. They care for 26 physically challenged adults and older youth. They asked for prayer for their ministry. They are praying and hoping to add another facility that is 6 hours away from Piedras Negras. Our team did crafts and visited with people from the orphanage. We also left some of our supplies with them. Friday our last day, we had over 200 attending VBS. The teachers, Jody, Loraine, and others were worn out, but blessed to be used to share the good news of Jesus and His love. Pastor John and Clint came to help the last 2 days. They were a big blessing. I want to thank Terri and Conrad for heading up our team. As a team we were blessed to be used and stretched for our Lord Jesus. Thank you Trinity for your support.

Jerry Cangemi


I enjoyed the fellowship with the kids and adults. I love being able to serve the Lord by cooking and serving our brothers & sisters in Christ while showing Christ’s love and sharing with others not so fortunate. It’s amazing when the Lord calls you to do something, how he takes care of all the details and all goes well.

Thomas Brown



Our trip to Piedras Negras, Mexico, took us through customs at Del Rio, Texas. After crossing successfully, we drove through beautiful country scenes to our destination. We arrived at the church building around 8 PM. After unloading the vans and trailer, we headed to the motel and unloaded the rest of our “stuff”. The motel rooms were very spacious, clean, and cool. Breakfast at the motel was included in our room cost. We had a choice of a large plate of fruit or eggs with tortillas. Other breakfast items were available at our own cost.

Monday morning we arrived at the church complex and the rush began. Rooms were organized for each class; kitchen area was set up to meet our needs as well as the church set up for feeding supper to all the children following their classes. The water supply for the day was purified and bottles filled for each group in a room to take to the motel. This process was done each day.

Monday afternoon at 3 PM, Larry (Danks) pulled out his phone, checked the temperature and it was 109. At 5 PM it was 105 and at 8 PM it was 103. I asked him not to tell me the rest of the week what the temperature was! He did better than that, he texted to have people pray for us and the heat. The rest of the week, we had cloudy days, rain and breezes. God answered your prayers for us.

The children were usually there by 3:10 PM for the 4:00 PM start. Some even came in the mornings just to see what was going on. We put them to work helping prepare projects the children would work on during the week. Two girls, Carmen and Rebecca, lived in Dallas, and were spending time with their aunt and grandmother. They were very helpful with their English skills. 

The church is located on a busy street with a lot of cars, bicycles, scooters, and walkers going by. Several stopped at the gate to see what all the activity was about. Two men accepted Christ as their Savious after Zeb and Saul shared the Godpel with them. (Zeb and Saul are from San Antonio and were with our team.) The two new believers were given Spanish Bibles.

It was a great inspiration to see the children excited as they learned Bible stories. Two storied of the Good Samaritan and Zaccheus seemed to be their favorites. As the children left, hugs were given freely and will you be here tomorrow was asked. “I will miss you” was heard over and over on the last day as they children were leaving. “Will you come next year” was a question asked many times.

Two mornings, some of our group went to Casa Bethesda orphanage and played games with those who could participate. Others watched, while others are confined to beds. The orphanage has a large new kitchen which is greatly needed as the number of persons is increasing in the home.

We were fed delicious meals at noon and enjoyed sandwiches and all the trimmings for our evening meal.

God has blessed all that was involved in the planning, preparation, teaching, and sharing that went into this week. Lives were changed and one day we will see results we are not even aware of now.

To God be the glory! Jean Ward



“Tengo tanto, tanto, tanto” sang Pastor John as he strummed his guitar and encouraged the 9-11 year-olds to sing along.  When he suggested we shake all over as well, pointing to me, I complied and made followers of several little boys!

“I have so much, so much, so much” were followed by verses singing “I am grateful for my friends and family.”   The most precious moments were not caught on camera…the dramatic costumed presentation of David and Goliath, boys competing for the shields and spears, King Saul, David with his sling, and Goliath up on a chair.  Pastor’s wife Paula appeared and exhorted Goliath to really roar! The teenage girls came over from the youth class to present a puppet show about the Prodigal Son with Lucy Arellano from San Antonio narrating.  You are seeing photos of the children proudly showing off their decorated envelopes that contained their scriptures for the week and their beautiful tissue flower bouquets topping toilet paper rolls glued to colorful paper plates.  My partner Jerry Cangemi became the keeper of the water pitcher after we experienced 110 degrees the first day.  Terri Pyle and I recovered quickly from heat exhaustion that day and were fully hydrated the rest of the week, thanks to reminders from Larry Danks. On the final day, Pastor John reviewed the class with David’s exhortation to Goliath: “You might have a sword and spear. My weapon is the name of the Lord, God Almighty.”  While I finished writing out the “diplomas” he and Jerry had the children read the salvation message from a brochure that opened up as a cross.  A special 11 year-old named Eric, who had come all the way from Georgia to visit relatives, helped write out the bottom of the diplomas while I wrote each child’s in calligraphy… a small thing, but they were so proud to have them that they wanted their full name inscribed, which usually meant a first name, a middle name and two last names.  I am so grateful that I could do that after years of studying Spanish.  I challenge you to learn a few phrases so that you can minister on one of these trips!  Let me know when you want some classes!

¡Dios les bendiga!~God bless you all!

Jody McCulley  



God’s love was shared with 180-200 people in Piedras Negras, in spite of difficult border officials.  Our Trinity group met the San Antonio group in Hondo. From there we traveled to Del Rio. We were met by Jeanine Young who led us into Acuna.  Larry Danks and Conrad Pyle did have to unload the trailer and then pack it back. God knew we needed Larry for this job! We drove into Piedras about one hour later. Pastor Julio Valencia was waiting for us. After unpacking the kitchen van we drove to La Quinta (yes a La Quinta but not the American chain). We enjoyed great air conditioned rooms and an added bonus was enjoying breakfast each morning in the motel’s restaurant.

Monday everyone set up for their groups. The church Jesucristo El Poderosa de Israel now has three buildings. One is for church, another is kitchen and dining, and the third is being used to teach welding skills to the men in the area. Thomas Brown and helpers served us King Ranch Chicken for lunch. Then it was back to work. Conrad stayed busy purifying water for our drinking and also for making lemonade, tea, Gatorade, and punch. Larry was kept busy making all the drinks and handling the heavy containers. Some of us stayed busy keeping early children from devouring the drinks before VBS started! It was very hot so we kept cups handy for the water.  VBS officially started at 4pm and ended at 6pm. Then Pastor Julio, Thomas and a church worker cooked and fed the children and mothers a hot meal. Our group of 20 then ate a sandwich and returned to the motel.

The children seemed eager to learn about Daniel, David, Zacchaeus, the Good Samaritan, and other Bible characters. Our own Bro. John played his guitar and taught songs and led Jody’s group in learning Bible scriptures. It was fun watching Tina and Loraine lead in songs and activities with the 3-6 year old children. Joanna Cangemi had prepared all the activities and lessons but was unable to go with us as she ministered to her sick mother.

We also visited the orphanage and colored pictures, worked on Bible lacing cards, and made caterpillars with the children who were physically able. Bro. John and Clint joined us on Wednesday morning right after they arrived in town. Bro. Paulino Esquela is a beautiful example of a man fully dedicated to God. He now works with 26 physically and mentally handicapped people in Piedras and he has answered God’s call to help open another orphanage near Saltillo.

We are really blessed to have the many women and men from San Antonio who faithfully share God’s love using their gifts and talents, especially their use of the Spanish language, and we thank Trinity Church for providing us the opportunity to go and spread His word. Our days were hot, hectic and seemed to be big messes but God works in and through our messes and problems to accomplish His will. Children, women, and two men passing by the church’s gate were led into God’s family. Smiles and hugs enhanced our days. Praise God!

Conrad & Terri Pyle


While this was not my first mission trip by far and while it was my second into Mexico with Trinity Baptist Church, I was quickly to find out that every trip is different and every day is a new day!

Crossing the border is becoming increasingly difficult for groups who want to bring materials to be given away and who want to do ministry among children and adults.  As with most of our trips and mission efforts, our ministry begins before we ever approach the church or mission point where we will be working.  Even the inconvenience of unloading the entire equipment trailer at the border crossing became an opportunity to show the love of Christ and a gentle spirit to those who seemed to be our oppressors at that moment.

This year’s event began on a rather difficult note because of the oppressive heat we encountered early on.  This took its toll in the extra effort required to do the ministry set before us and physically it caused some of our group to have some heat related difficulties.  After asking many Facebook friends to pray for moderation to the heat we were blessed with the final 3 days being mostly cloudy and some light rain showers cooled the air even more.  God truly blessed us with weather that was conducive to the type of “close quarters” Vacation Bible School we were to help conduct.

We were blessed to work alongside many wonderful, hardworking and dedicated people as we ministered to the children at VBS, helped to feed the children and adults who come each evening and to minister to the challenged adults at the orphanage during two of the days.

Finding a way to minister to those who truly need it really doesn’t require a person to fly halfway around the world.  “The least of these” can be found within a half day’s drive from Kerrville. I was blessed to be a part of this great effort.

Larry Danks


I was blessed by the people I went with on the Mexico trip. I felt at peace over the organizing of the team.  It was challenging doing VBS with so many 3-6 year olds: The Pastor’s wife and mothers helped and the children seemed appreciative. It was amazing how Tomas and the cooks fed all the children, parents, and our team? The Lord kept us safe and surrounded with His love!
Thank you Trinity, Loraine Couch



Pastor John and I joined the group mid-week and I was introduced to Brother Paulino and then to Brother Julio and to the work that God is doing through both men in Piedras Negras in Mexico.   With God’s help so much is done with so little.  It is a testimony to what God can do through willing people.

I was blessed to work beside the team preparing for Vacation Bible School the days I was there.  Most of the time my

communication consisted of smiles, nods, and hand gestures with the children and some adults, but it was clear that God was moving in their hearts as those who knew Spanish and the local church spoke the gospel.
Clint Brown 



Dominican Republic – June 2016

dom02After a rocky beginning that had us leaving one of our team members behind, we made our way to the DR. And then we started a joyous trip. I’ve got that joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart — down in my heart — down in my heart to stay. Joyful, joyful we adore Thee, God of glory, Lord of love; Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee, opening to the sun above. These are tunes that perfectly describe the Dominicans we worked with and served with on this mission trip. We also have wonderful relations with the team that came from Kenedy. All this resulted in a trip full of joy and wonderful reunions with Dominican friends and Kennedy friends. Our tasks were not quite as challenging as past years, but we were still able to touch the lives of many young people through English camps (working with Dominicans to improve their English) and VBS. We were also fortunate enough to visit the orphanage in Monet Plata where we worked on construction of a transitions home, played with the kids and cooked and ate a meal with them. It was a great chance for us to show God’s love to these precious children. We were able to share with them some wonderful clothes that were made by our Trinity ladies. There was much joy in their faces. We had some lovely bonding during our session of cutting out sheep heads and legs for a craft project — lots of laughter and sore hands — and joy (that we finished). On the third floor where the sewing room is, we found some very accomplished ladies sewing costumes for a pageant that will be presented in July. They were sooooo grateful for the sewing supplies and kept telling us that it was an answer to prayer. The construction crew built some very fine bookshelves and some great playground equipment. Children were already joyously playing on them. It was a trip of joy, renewed relationships – beginning relationships, sad farewells, and looking forward to the next chance to minister to these joyous Dominicans.

Jan Cody



My reflections from a week on the DR Mission Trip:
  • Loved renewing friendships from previous years in the DR
  • Loved making new relationships with people at IBQ Church,
    Kennedy Mission Team, and individuals at our own ministry sites
  • Loved giving smiles, hugs, and kisses to Dominican children at VBS
  • Loved seeing the girl we sponsor and seeing how much she has grown and to be able to encourage her in her school work
  • Loved seeing progress of projects we have worked on in the past and how they are being used to glorify God
  • Loved seeing active sewing classes. We began the sewing
    ministry about 4 years ago.
  • Loved seeing the faith of the Dominican people lived out even in very primitive and simple situations
  • Loved that we are supported by Trinity-a mission minded church
  • Loved seeing the pantry filled with foods purchased with World Hunger Funds for the school that we have worked with for 10 years.
  • Loved that as we started to leave and asked to pray with the pastor and his wife )at 4am) and his prayer request was “that we would pray for God to give them (the church) another ministry site!

Praise God for the trip!

LaVerne Boles



The DR trip of 2016 was an amazing blessing to me and to our team. Every year we get to serve there we are blessed, but this year was especially blessed. Our days were filled with work and service, but we weren’t over burdened with work. My main thing is always construction. This year we built playground equipment and book shelves. We built a train for the kids to play on and a swing set. One blessing was when we got to deliver and set up the train, swing set, and install shelves in the school library. We got it set up and enjoyed watching the neighborhood kids play on all the playground equipment. As always I come back challenged to have the faith in my daily walk that the Dominican people have. In spite of their poverty they walk in faith .

Rick Boles


During this trip we were able to see the projects that Trinity has been a part of for the past 10 years. The people and the church IBQ were generous and delightful to get to know this week. God showed us that ministry works both ways and that the open heart has so many available opportunities for God to grow you. Being my first time in the DR, I was blessed by the ministry at the orphanages and look forward to seeing how God uses the transition homes we helped with.
Carrie Sparkman
With this being my first mission trip God really showed me how He can be powerful no matter who you are or where you live, or what language you speak. I enjoyed meeting new people, and liked working with the Kenedy team.
Chrislyn Sparkman
I am thankful for the opportunity to have this experience.  I made many new friends and that friendship extends beyond language and nationality. God taught me that I need to be less selfish and think of others.
Caleb Boles
The Dominican Mission Trip taught me so much. First I have come to see just how beautiful and diverse is the body of Christ. It transcends language and explanation . I have also come to see that it is better to be wealthy in love and faith than in riches. I will never forget this experience.
Julie Boles



Trip began with disappointment-one of our members did not get to come.

Travel was good except luggage for  2 of the Kenedy group did not arrive with us. Came a couple of days later

Construction crew got along well making bookshelves, counter tops, play ground equipment and train for the playground. Built above Tuesday & Wednesday-delivered & set up Thursday until after dark. Children & their parents showed up to play & take pictures. Many, many smiling faces

Wednesday night service was full of testimonies & prayer requests ending with couples praying together (American & Dominican together) each praying in their language.

Friday– Trip to orphanage to see new building & we got to move a few hundred cinder blocks from the ground to the second floor using an assembly line of Americans & orphans. I do not remember dropping any as we swung them to each other up a muddy, slippery set of very rough stairs which were hard to climb without a cinder block. Had lunch in separate orphanage homes & got to play with the children after lunch. Manuel is embedded in my mind.

Saturday Pastor John, Pastor Matthew & myself (we keep looking for Luke to make our set complete) taught about a dozen or so pastors, leaders, etc. from 8:30 to 3pm and had lunch with them & their wives. They seemed to appreciate our efforts.

Sunday worship was beyond words. The singing was marvelous and when the Pastor started a verse the majority of the congregation quoted it with him. It was a glorious representation of how the body, the local church, should look & act.

Sunday afternoon I got the privilege to speak to the leadership of the church and they received the word with gladness.

I pray He produces much more fruit.

Mark Clemons


dom31Dominican Republic Mission Trip…
Learning new ideas and teaching techniques
Loving and being loved by new friends
Leaning more…on God


After going to Mexico on TBC mission trips for almost thirty years, I found the Dominican Republic mission trip VBS planners used some different approaches, such as having color-coded teams of boys and girls. I followed the Red team of girls ages 12+ who…led by our energetic Dominican young adult leader…won the last day competition with a lively chant, red hair bands and painted faces. As a ESL teacher of both middle school (now retired) and adult classes, I loved working with Tina from Kennedy who led the English Camp for the youth at the church. Even the shy ones practiced their English playing her inventive learning games.

The young Dominican adults’ commitment to their church and the schools which it and STCH (South Texas Children’s Home ministries) support, as well as their career aspirations were impressive. Harold and his wife Sara (both 26) will be heading up the Rosa Elena School as teacher/principal and counselor respectively. He wants to obtain a degree in school administration and finance. Valentina (32), the vivacious leader of the yellow team of 3-6 year olds, wears many hats as Assistant to Rebecca, the Director of the Samuel Fund through which young people and their families receive monthly support for education via sponsors such as our team leaders Rick and LaVerne Boles. Her goal is to become an attorney!

At the orphanage in Monte Plata, Valentina and I conducted a mini-VBS using the craft we at TBC had prepared for the parable of The Lost Sheep. Valentina placed a little robe and staff on young boy to be the shepherd and chose a tyke to hold the example of the sheep craft while hiding out. She ended by explaining how Jesus wanted each of them to invite Jesus into their hearts. For those who had already done so, she explained salvation was a one-time thing; but Christians young and old need to pray daily for God’s guidance, study the Bible and ask for forgiveness for any wrongs they might have done to their siblings or friends. Afterwards each child made their lost sheep. Later Harold led the group of both adults and kids in a fun game. He called out a random number. Those who couldn’t link up in a group would have to sit down! Imagine the hilarious task of huddling up in groups of 10!

For me, the DR Mission Trip was filled with learning, love, and inspiration!!!

Blessings, Jody McCulley


dom39God has blessed Trinity Baptist Church through the years of her continued support of Iglesia Bautista Quisquiana in Villa Mella, Santo Domingo. Once again it was encouraging to see our Dominican brothers and sisters as they continue to reach out through their church to share the gospel and make a difference. Those in leadership at the church are so hungry to serve the Lord. It has been a blessing over the last few years to plan for leadership development among their leaders and ministers. It was also a double blessing to see how far Rosa Elena’s school has come knowing that Trinity Baptist Church has had such a vital role in taking a small dwelling to an established school in the neighborhood. We are so blessed to have had the opportunity of seeing one of God’s humble servants share life with her community. Rosa Elena was one of God’s special people. We learned recently that she has gone on to her eternal glory. The words really ring true, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.”  Psalm 116:15 (ESV) Thank you Trinity for not only making a difference in a place but also among a people.

Pastor John



Cuba – April 2016

It’s hard to imagine walking through an airport doorway and immediately being transported to a time almost 60 years in the past but that is exactly what it felt like when The CenturyMen arrived in Havana, Cuba on Monday morning, April 4th. Sixty singers plus accompanists arrived with almost 3 tons of cargo being transported to the Cuban churches…cargo including a sound system donated by Trinity’s Worship Choir for use by a small church, 7th Baptist in Santa Clara, Cuba.

From the very first moment we were keenly aware that our very presence was a testimony to the faith and prayers of the Cuban pastors and their people. We were able to walk the streets of Havana freely and were able to minister to those we encountered with our words of faith and our pleasant presence.

We are a men’s choir…singing in places where the gospel hasn’t been sung in since the revolution in 1959. In the grand theater and the basilica in Havana we were not only able to sing to an audience of people made up primarily of non-churched Cubans but we were also filmed for television and were broadcast nationwide during the following days.

During the 10 days while we were actually on the island we traveled from the east to the west performing 17 different concerts. On two different occasions we were divided into three performing groups and were sent to minister to three different churches in three different cities. We sang to full houses at virtually every performance and were delighted to see people come to Christ when the invitation was extended in virtually every situation.

While we traveled under the banner of Global Missions Project and were led by Camp Kirkland from that organization we were also accompanied by members of the Cuban Baptist Association and other volunteers who interpreted for us and assisted in many ways.

I am blessed to be part of this organization and am also very blessed to be part of a church which supports and prays for missions in multiple locations across the world.


Larry Danks



Camp Sivells – May 2016

sivells02It is always a great time of fellowship on one of these trips. Bill Parr’s devotionals were outstanding. Pastor’s game time was full of joy and camaraderie. We worked hard and played hard. The dodge ball game we played with bows and arrows (soft covered points) was exciting and exhausting. Never get enough time in the high country with it’s cool mornings and nights full of stars. While waiting to take our final pictures before leaving we saw an eagle soaring above us, would have missed it except for it’s shadow seen in the trees. Hoping we have more of these types of mission trips.
Mark Clemons


The Men’s mission trip to New Mexico was a blessing and great experience. It was located in the mountains of New Mexico out of Cloudcroft. Here a few of the “happenings” while we were there.
  •  It was the LONGEST bus ride I’ve experienced in a LONG time. I am guessing that “Scottie” was our bus mechanic that gave “warp speed” to our vehicle. That is to say with Pastor John at the wheel.
  • We had 14 men going according to Frank. Caused a bit of delay.
  • The men were involved in painting, mowing, cleaning mattresses and whatever else needed to get camp operational. I understand Dan Parr really enjoyed playing in the grease trap.
  • We also helped Bro John’s brother get ready for a move to
  • Colorado. We moved his furniture to a storage unit.
  • An “uninvited” guest appeared in our room in the middle of the night. As I was sleeping I was awakened about 2AM. I thought I heard someone get up to get a drink. Next thing I knew something hairy and alive fell onto my face. I jumped out of bed and scrambled for my flashlight. Yes, a mouse was falling on me. I heard the next day this guest also paid a visit to Clint and Brad. I don’t think he made a face visit however.
  • The food was good and the fellowship better. I do want to know what kind of vitamins Bro John takes. He has more energy than the “Energizer Bunny”. After supper he would drag those who had a little energy left to play some kind of game shooting arrows at one another.
  • Bill Parr shared God’s word with us in the evenings. It was great encouragement. The men worked together in unity and we were blessed to be able to serve our Great God.
Jerry Cangemi


What a blessing to be a part of a group of men with a job to do. During the week I joined in the work of painting, laying tile in showers, replacing ceiling tiles, cleaning bathrooms, construction on the camp’s relocated offices, yard work, and helping the camp manager in a transition. All this to prepare for the 1200+ who would attend the camp.

 The working fellowship among the men was great. During periods after work we worshipped together with Mark Clemons on guitar and Bill Parr sharing God’s Word. We have managed to play some either by shooting arrows at each other in “Dodge Arrow” or playing games late into the night. Don, Ken, and I are prepped the primitive cabins for campers. This is perhaps one of the dirtiest jobs having to evict the critters who bedded down in the mattresses for the winter, but we probably had the best view while we worked.

Clint Brown


I am so glad that a group of men from TBC will choose to leave and spend time together helping a place of great ministry get prepared. We really get a great opportunity to really know each other from the travel time in the bus and the work time during the day to the shared time in Bible study and worship. God blessed us with a great group and great work. It is a testimony to our group that when we leave, there is an open invitation to come back again. Thank you men for your dedication and hard work.

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the
inheritance as your reward. Your are serving the Lord Christ.” Colossians 3:23 (ESV)

Pastor John
Whenever I am part of a Christian men’s group performing tasks and enjoying the fellowship of service to others, the experience is always
meaningful to me. While working with people that are new, and those that I have known from church but have never really had an opportunity to know personally, working with them on a day to day basis is always a plus.


Working on your specific group tasks, having discussion at night, and, also hearing/seeing the results of the other team’s labors gave a “ big picture “ perspective to the trip as a whole. The Bible Studies were very insightful and well presented. Overall the trip was very memorable and rewarding. I look forward to the next opportunity to serve.

Bruce Ebelt


Adult Bible Studies Meet Year Round

 Sun Adult BSG List 6.16


Women of Joy Conference

Women of Joy


VBS 2016

June 12 – 16
Sunday, 5 – 8pm
Monday-Thursday, 9am – Noon
Children ages 4 (by 9/1/15) – 6th Grade
Send your kids on an over-the-top underground adventure!
At Cave Quest VBS, kids explore the rock-solid foundation of Jesus’ love. Cave Quest VBS is filled with incredible Bible-learning experiences kids see, hear, touch, and even taste!
Sciency-Fun Gizmos™, team-building games, cool Bible songs, and tasty treats are just a few of the standout activities that help faith flow into real life.
(Since everything is hands-on, kids might get a little messy.
Be sure to send them in play clothes and safe shoes.)
Plus, we’ll help kids discover how to see evidence of God in everyday life—something we call God Sightings. Get ready to hear that phrase a lot!
Parents, grandparents, and friends
are invited to join us at
Cave Quest Closing for each day ,
a daily exploration of
Jesus—the light of the world!


Genesis 1 to Pedernales Falls State Park

Day Trip
Sept. 24
Pedernales Falls State Park, Johnson City, TX
Lunch in Johnson City.
We will leave the church parking lot at 8:00 am and return about 5:00 pm.


Genesis 1 to Garner State Park

Day Trip
May 12, 2016
Garner State Park, Concan, Texas
Lunch will be in Leakey.
We will leave the church parking lot at 8:00 am and return about 5:00 pm.


Genesis 1 to Canyon of the Eagles

Day Trip
April 26, 2016
Canyon of the Eagles in Burnet, TX
We will eat lunch at the restaurant onsite.
We will leave the church parking lot at 8:00 am and plan to return about 5:00 pm.


2016 TBC Short Term Mission Trips

TBC Short Term Mission Fund
Members of Trinity Baptist Church serving on short term missions with a trip sponsored by Trinity or by another sending organization may apply for assistance for up to half the cost of their trip. Please join us in empowering members to Serve in this way.

New Mexico

May 18-22
Cost: $75 ($25 deposit at registration)
Projects can include light construction, maintenance, painting, carpentry, minor electrical, and minor plumbing.
This is an excellent opportunity for comradery with men from TBC, working together to prepare Camp Sivells for the Summer 2016 season. 
Men, this is a time for digging deep, getting dirty, and sweating, to pave the way for young people to learn of God’s provision and purpose for their lives.
Bring your tools, expertise, and a dose of flexibility. If your willing to help, we have a job for you.
Contact: Frank Brooksher, 830-377-4651


June 17-27
Cost: $2,200 – $3,000
7-20 person team involved with working with an orphanage, VBS/Day Camp, small group Bible lessons, and assisting the host pastor in meeting community needs.
Contact: John & Linda Worden, 830-257-5729 or jlworden@ktc.com

Dominican Republic

June 20-27
Cost: $1,490 for adults & $1,140 for minors 18 & under
20 person team assisting with a construction project at an orphanage, teacher training, a children’s camp, a sports camp, and a pastors’ conference.
Contact: Rick Boles, 830-739-8957


July 24-29
Cost: $96
15-20 person team conducting a VBS, helping at an orphanage, painting, and hosting videos for the community.
Contact: Terri Pyle, 830-238-3125


Camp Sivells, May 20-24

Men’s Ministry Mission Trip 2015

Cloudcroft, New Mexico in many ways was delightful; chilly mornings, cool days, and bright sunshine as 14 men from TBC worked long hours preparing Camp Sivells for its summer opening. The sound of lawn mowers, weed eaters, and picks & shovels resounded through the valley. We were sustained by great food and drink, encouraging words, and most importantly, prayer. Every evening after dinner was spent doing devotion time and sharing. After three days of hard work the camp had been transformed. A deep feeling of the greatness of God’s provision was felt as we loaded up to return home. May God grant us the opportunity to return next year.
Blessings, Frank Brooksher


Worship Kids

Wednesday Nights
6:00-7:00 pm
3 Years Old – 6th Grade
3 Years – Kindergarten
“Believe Series”
Room # 160
1st -6th Grade
“Sticks, Sign, & Drama”
Room # 102 / Worship Center
We just started learning a new song -Big Daddy Weave’s
“My Story”


Spring Courageous Kids

CK LOGO 2016
Sunday Nights
5:30-7:00 pm
3 Years old (by 9/1/15) through 6th Grade
Join us for hands on mission, service projects, and music.
 We have 3 age groups of classes that learn about a
mission area and then do a service for that area. 
You don’t want to miss out!


Mingling of Souls Conference

We’ve got an exciting opportunity for enriching the lives of our married couples coming up
  • February 19th and 20th we’ll be tuning in for the Live Watch Party of The Mingling of Souls: God’s Design for Love, Marriage, Sex & Redemption by pastor, author, and speaker, Matt Chandler
  • He’ll be using the Song of Solomon to speak to topics such as: Romance, Fighting Fair, Friendship, Sex, and Legacy
  • Both days will include a Q&A session with Matt and his wife Lauren Chandler via Text & Twitter


2016 Ladies Retreat

Register directly with Alto Frio:
Alto Frio Baptist Camp, PO Box 468, Leakey, TX 78873
or (830) 232-5271
In whatever PATH God has you on right now, you can feel God’s continued presence and know the fullness of His JOY.
Four registration options are available to meet your needs.
Track One (Fri-Sun)
2 nights & 5 meals
Single: $195
Double: $135
3+: $115
Dorm: $110
Track Two (Fri-Sat or Sat-Sun)
1 night & 3 meals
Single: $125
Double: $95
3+: $85
Dorm: $80
Track Three (Sat-Sun)
1 night & 5 meals
Single: $135
Double: $105
3+: $95
Dorm: $90
Track Four (Day Pass)
Conference & 3 Meals: $65


Spring Pastor’s Pals

Pastor’s Pals for the Spring Semester is on!
Pastor’s Pals is a scripture memory program that can earn children a trophy and a pizza party with the Pastor.  Children may say their Sunday School verse, Courageous Kids verses or any other verses they are learning.  For more information pick up a Pastor Pal Packet in the children’s center. 
The pizza party for the Spring will be May 15th.


2016 Children’s Camp


July 29 – 30, 2016

Children who have completed 1st – 3rd Grades


2016 Preteen Camp


June 26 – 29, 2016

Children who have completed 4th-6th Grade


Spring Women’s Bible Study: The Armor of God

Tuesdays: Feb. 2 – Mar. 8
6:30 – 8:30 PM
Wednesdays: Jan. 27 – Mar. 9
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

All day, everyday, an invisible war rages around you. A devoted, devilish enemy seeks to wreak havoc on everything that matters to you. The enemy always fails miserable when he meets a woman dressed for the occassion. The Armor of God, more than merely a biblical description of a believer’s inventory, is an action plan for putting it on and developing a personalized strategy to secure victory. Join us for this 7-session Bible study!

Member Books: $13
Call the church office to register, 895-0100.


Spring Women’s Bible Study: Hosea

 Tuesdays: Mar. 22 – May 3
6:30 – 8:30 PM
Wednesdays: Mar. 23 – May 4
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Perhaps the best love story ever told stands to be a most difficult story-one of harsh judgement and destruction. Yet we find in it a love we dream of-full of hope that lasts. Join us as we study Jennifer Rothschild’s 7-session study of 

Hosea: Unfailing Love Changes Everything.

Member Books: $13


Trinity Kids


Courageous Kids

Sunday evenings 5:30 to 7:00pm

This is a wonderful ministry for kids to do hands on missions, service, music, Bible lessons and recreation. 

Join us on Sunday evenings for this exciting ministry!


Coming back in the Fall of 2015.  See you then!

Pastors Pals Logo

Pastor’s Pals

Pastor’s Pals is a scripture memory program that can earn children a trophy and a pizza party with the Pastor.  Children may say their Sunday School verse, Courageous Kids verses or any other verses they are learning.  For more information pick up a Pastor Pal Packet in the children’s center. 

Fall Semester:  September through November
Spring Semester:  February through May 

worship kids 1024x768

Wednesday Program

Worship Kids

From 6 to 7 pm each Wednesday evening we will have activities for our children.

3rd-6th graders will be learning to lead worship through drama and “sticks” worship.

K – 2nd graders will be learning to lead worship through sign language and drama.

We’d love to have you join us for this wonderful new worship ministry.  To sign up click here.

Children’s Ministry Special Events

Harvest Fest: October 31, 2015, 5 – 7 pm

Night in Bethlehem: December 4th, 6 – 8 pm (This is a walk-through of the nativity)

Easter Egg Hunt: Saturday before Easter

Other Children’s Ministry Activities:


I’m a Christian Now: A five week class offered at various times throughout the year for children who have asked Jesus into their heart and have been baptized.


2015 Mission Trip Memories

_He is Lord of all._

“We encourage every believer to go on a mission trip at least once, giving an entire week or two weeks to the task of serving others and sharing Christ. It is life-changing.”

The preceding two sentences are listed under What We Believe here on our church website. I am grateful that not only do we list them but that we are also busy brining them about. In these pages you will read about the experiences of fellow church members who have taken it upon themselves to go and serve in Jesus’ name.
This is not the only way that Trinity Baptist Church is serving the Lord, but these are a few of the trips from 2015. I hope that they will bless you as you read them and encourage you to be faithful in your support of Trinity Baptist Church and her missions around the world and at home.
I am blessed to get to run alongside so many of you as you serve Him faithfully.
-Pastor John


Dominican Republic, June 18-25


I rejoice that I was invited to be a part of the Trinity Baptist Church mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  As a former Southern Baptist International Mission Board missionary, the trip brought back many good memories and gave me wonderful new ones.  It was a special blessing to get to know the team members and serve with Pastor John Wheat.  I have a new appreciation for South Texas Children’s Services.  Being allowed to preach in Spanish and share at the first pastor’s conference was a special blessing. Seeing the tears of appreciation a family shed when we gave them World Hunger Fund food reminded me of how blessed is my family.  The time with the 176 children at the three days of
Vacation Bible School was exhilarating. Kids are loud and excited no matter what their language and culture.  It was fun telling them about Jesus in Spanish.  Thank you Trinity Baptist Church for your international and local missions vision.  I am honored to serve as Director of Missions for the Hill Country Baptist Association.  I am equally honored that Trinity is a member of our Association and is a partner with the other 36 Southern Baptist Churches in the Hill Country as we reach our area for Christ.


Dr. John L. Brackin
Director of Missions
Hill Country Baptist Association 


My Missions Moment

Well, I have to say my missions moment happened on my last full day in the Dominican.  We visited an orphanage, when to EBDV (VBS) and had church that night.  I think overall it was the impact that the children had on me, they have so much love for you and they are so giving.  The first night we were in the Dominican I had the privilege of having dinner at the Jasquez house where Deyanira and her two daughters Amelia and Arlin lived.  The last night I was in the Dominican I received a letter from Amelia and Arlin just saying how much they loved me, and things like that.  I just think it’s so crazy how loving they are, and I can’t help but love them back even more.  The children in the Dominican and at IBQ are absolutely amazing.  There were several other moments, but sometimes it’s the little moments that mean the most and that you will never forget.

Kara Strange



6/18/15 – 6/25/15
Ready to Follow

Ready to Serve


This is my 5th DR trip and I prayed the Lord would help me see a new mission moment!  I went to a home of one of the interns. It had been brokin. Head of family not saved. The Lord united the family in home, health and new baby soon!  The father saved & dedicated church goer.

Shared God’s Glory
Loraine Couch

I am blessed!


My Missions Moment
By Jean Allgood
2015 Mission Trip, June 18-25

Mission moments were talked about all week and there have been many.  I’d like to share my first one.

We landed in the Dominican Republic at about 9:30 pm, after a very long day of anticipation and unknown experiences.  I walked out of the customs and baggage claim area to be greeted by two young Dominican men that are interns of the STCHM Children’s Home Ministries.  Their smiles and warmth radiated the
Dominican welcome that lasted all week!  Franklin and Francisco were
everywhere doing everything to help make our week of ministry fruitful.  They blessed all of us with their love of the Lord and joyful spirit, and helped us to be “ready to follow and ready to serve.”

God is truly amazing! I could never have imagined that at age 81 I would be on a Caribbean Island helping with a Vacation Bible Schook, or help cook 67 hamburger patties for an orphanage lunch party or slicing green bell peppers for a Luau Dinner Fund Raiser. But there I was doing that and so much more with our Dominican Republic Mission Team.

The days were long and strenuous-oh, and did I mention hot? But what a great week it was to minister to those wonderful, joyful people.

 What a blessing it was to see the gratefulness from those:
  • That received the month’s supply of groceries we had shopped for and delivered.
    That attended the teacher’s training program offered to local teachers with 41 attending the sessions lead by our very qualified teachers,
  • That were recipients of the construction team working daily in the heat to complete 4 picnic tables, 24 bookcases, and repairing 14 benches and shelves in the kitchen attending Vacation Bible School that resulted in 63 children and two mothers committing their lives to Christ,
  • And so much more that was done by our team in that brief week. But the amazing thing was to see the staff and interns work with such verve beside us, with us and for us.

The question I hear is “well how was the mission trip?” I’ve tried to find the right words to describe it, even checked my thesaurus. Then I realized it isn’t about words but it is a spiritual experience.

Going to this small spot in the Caribbean to glorify God by trying to meet some of their needs, both physical and spiritual, was our goal, then as so often happens-we the doers and givers are the ones most blessed.

Yes, God is truly amazing!
Jean Allgood



The DR Mission Trip was a faith growing trip for both Our groups and the Dominican Christians. The work was intense and the hours long, but lives were changed both us and them. We were all Blessed by our loving and Faithful God with His work. Our love for our Dominican Family continues to grow and we feel like we are going home on the way there. A love that is just a smidgen of what our Eternal Life in Heaven will be like. God has put together a loving team from FBC Kenedy, Trinity Baptist and STCHM Adults and students that will continue to grow as we continue to serve in our homes here.  

The Missional moment for me was a visit to a Dominican Home for a meal and fellowship. The hospitality of this family was an amazing experience, as they showed us how to have real joy, joy from the Lord. In spite of a Language barrier, we laughed for 30 minutes, more than I have laughed in the last year at any one time. In that home we found Christ Like joy in spite of their meager home. I was challenged to find in my Lord the real joy He talks about in His word. That is my challenge that I came away from this trip with.

By Rick Boles


It was such a joy to return the Dr and see old friends and to make new ones!  The DR people are so loving and they make us feel so loved and welcome.

The whole week was great, but the best was delivering food from World Hunger Funds.  We shopped for food for four families, and a different group of our team members delivered to each of the four homes.

I was on the team that delivered to Francisco’s family.  The father is in bad health with high blood pressure and diabetes and unable to work at a job, but he does make patio furniture and bedsteads to sell.  Mother has high blood pressure and she just found out that day that she was pregnant.  Her children are ages 22, 17, and 14.

Francisco is in the university and get support from STCHM through a new program to assist older young people who want to further their education and who show great potential. Francisco has a girlfriend and would like to get married, but cannot until he has the money!

When we delivered the non perishable foods, about $175 worth, they were so appreciative and thankful. They invited us into their modest home and Francisco showed us his room and the bed he had made.  He shared his room with the other  2 brothers.  His graduation picture was on the wall and scriptures were written on paper tacked on the walls around the house.  The mom also proudly showed us her plaque of high school completion that she only completed last year! Francisco now serves as an interpreter for IBQ and STCHM.  The family shared their testimony of how Francisco was saved as an 8 year old boy at IBQ church—later mother and other brothers were saved.  However, father was obstinate and was a heavy drinker and was a terrible father and worthless to his family.  At one point the boys encouraged their mom to kick him out, but she did not.  They just kept inviting him to go to church with the family and finally he said he would go on Wednesday night for prayer meeting, singing, and worship.  Then later he attended with his family on Sundays and was ultimately saved and now the entire family are Christians.  As they shared all of us had tears in our eyes.  We ended with a prayer for the family.

It was just another example of the impact of one child coming to know Jesus and how it affects the entire family.

LaVerne Boles



This may have been the most challenging trip to the Dominican that I’ve been on.  Johanna Berry let us know at the beginning that she had made a very ambitious schedule for us — because she knew how we worked in the past and felt that we could accomplish everything she had on her list.  Several in the Kenedy group had been working for months on for a few of the activities (the couples Luau and VBS)  Knowing about a few of these projects, I was able to provide some of the supplies needed and help out with setting up and hosting.  It was rewarding to be able to cook and serve these lovely Dominican couples at the Luau.  I was able to make some new friends and build relationships.
I was clearly pushed out of my comfort zone by working in the kitchens for both the bake sale (fund raiser for San Filipe Church) and helping with the meal for the Luau.  There were some stressful
moments, but also moments when we became very close to the
amazing women that work in the kitchen — we built some very special relationships with them. 
The English Camp was probably the highlight of the visit this year.  We got to know several of the Dominican children and youth.  It was a joy to talk with them and help them practice their English.  Tina (from Kenedy) had developed a terrific plan of songs, interactive games and time to just talk.  I’m grateful for the friendships and relationships that were started in this camp. 
VBS was an adventure.  The San Filipe children were a bit of a challenge.  They did not understand following directions and just went their own way.  I was told that this is a very rough neighborhood where many children don’t have a real family life and many don’t have a father in the home.  They just really didn’t have respect for much of anything.  However, by the third day, they were listening and paying attention and following directions — if only we had a few more days with them —— we all worked together and tried our best to start relationships with these children who so desperately need to know the love of our Lord.
What a privilege it was to see and experience the relationship that these Dominicans have with the Lord.  It strengthened my relationship with the Lord and I am so grateful for the relationships that I built and strengthened with many of these wonderful people.


Bendiciones,  Jan Cody



DR Mission Trip Moment

One of the moments that impacted me the most during this mission trip was when we went to the orphanage. I expected to be touched by the stories of the children at the orphanage, but what really touched me was what I witnessed outside the gates of the orphanage.  When we got to the orphanage I was walking around and looked at the facilities. I heard a noise and children running outside the fence of the orphanage. I walked out of the gates and four little boys came towards me pulling a string that had their tous tied to it that scooted along the ground.  Even with the language barrier, we were able to communicate, they let me see their “toy”. They had made their tou out of an empty plastic car oil container, plastic lids (all sizes) and rocks. The toy rolled on the plastic lids that had been attached to the oil container on it’s side.  The rocks were placed inside to give it weight so it would roll along.  These children were so happy to share their toy with me and show how they raced them against each other by pulling them.  It’s really humbling to watch these children that have so little, they have to make their own toys, yet they were so  happy with what they had.  They also were happy and generous to share with me, a stranger.

I have learned from this experience to not only be satisfied with what I have and know that God has provided just what I need, but also to be resourceful with what God gives me.

This mission trip was a blessing to me.

Nancy Gawryszewski



My Mission Moment

The whole week for me was a huge mission moment.  I cannot explain how blessed I feel due to the people of the Dominican Republic.  My mission moment is very silly!  I’ve wanted to ride on a moto since the very day I stepped on the street in Villa Melta last summer (2014), and this year my dream came true! I definitely thought it was a long shot before I asked
Joanna, but she surprisingly was totally okay with me going!  Francisco took me for a ride around town and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  I was feeling so many emotions at one time-joy, fear, love, excitement, worry, bliss, etc.  My fears were all quickly replaced with feelings of joy and excitement; I knew God had me in his hands and nothing else seemed to matter.  I wasn’t helping anyone but I learned to put my trust and life in God’s hands.  Francisco is like family to me, and I can’t imagine my life without knowing him and so many others in the Dominican!  The memories I’ve shared with the people of Santo Domingo will forever be in my heart.

Kate Kotara




I had an amazing time in Dominican Republic. We got to do
construction, VBS, help world hunger, and an English camp for kids who wanted to learn English. I tried to do a little bit of everything. I was glad that I could come on this trip and help other people. When we went to the peoples home to go deliver a month’s worth of food we got to hear the peoples testimony. It was amazing to hear how people got to know Christ. We also got to go and have dinner at a family’s house. When we got at there we learned that the father had made all of the furniture that they had. At VBS we had over 170 kids at one location that I worked at. The next day at VBS you could see the difference from the day before. I loved seeing the kids come and want to learn about him. At the end of each day I watched as the kids left how they went different ways by themselves, with an adult, or with older brothers and sisters. I got to make new friends and a see some people that I knew about from my dad and brother. One day we went to the orphanage and played and ministered to the kids that were there. We cooked a meal for them and ate with them and played games. I even got to spend my birthday at the beach. We went to the beach and market on my birthday. I had an amazing time and want to go back next year. This was my first mission trip and it was not what I had expected but even better. I am glad that I could come on this trip with my grandparents.

Leah Gordon


What a special joy it was to be able to return to the Dominican Republic again this summer!  Even though this was my 6th trip in 5 years, I still am awed by the love and grace God has shown me through my Dominican brothers and sisters.

Having new team members always “re-opens” my eyes to experience their thoughts and feelings as they learn about the Dominican people.

Over the years we have seen projects begun and completed, such as Rosa Elena’s school and her new home at Hatillo. Many children have been blessed both physically and spiritually through Rosa Elena.  We have been privileged to help with the construction there many times.

We were honored to share an evening meal in the home of a young Dominican woman who has become a special friend.  Our hostess talked about her life growing up, and now, as an adult, how God has provided food, money, and protection for her.  She spoke freely about following His plan for her life, and listening to and waiting on Him.  With so few physical possessions, she is a praiseworthy example of loving and trusting our heavenly Father, because He knows the plans He has for her.  Oh, to have faith like hers!

At our English Camp, one of our team members, a teenager from the South Texas Children’s Home, shared her testimony with the teenage Dominican students.  She talked about drugs and abuse in her life, and how she came to Christ and though she still struggles, He is helping her become a new person in Him.  When she finished, several Dominicans had questions, and then one young man said “we will all pray for you, because some of us have had those kinds of experiences in our family too”.  It was a very emotional moment, and showed that God created all of us, and wants to forgive and bring all of us to Him, no matter who you are or where you live!

The week went very quickly as we constructed picnic tables and bookcases, prepared and hosted a luau as a fund-raising project for the church, baked goodies for a bake sale for another church, helped with vacation Bible School at 2 locations, held an English Camp, shopped and delivered World Hunger groceries, and worked and played at an orphanage.  In between, we enjoyed time with fellow team members and re-connected with our Dominican brothers and sisters in Christ.

It was an awesome time and I was so blessed to be able to go on this trip again.  Thanks Trinity for your support!

Dios te bendiga,
Carol Westfall


This is the 5th year I have gone to the DR.  I cannot begin to list the things that were done in the 5 short days we spent there.

God has made a place in my heart for the people of the Dominican Republic.  I have developed family type relationships; watched children become young adults; young adults grow up and marry; and married couples have babies.  What a blessing it is to be a part of all that.

 I have seen what God can do in lives of broken homes. Many ask why I keep going back…. it is about the people.

If you have never been on a mission trip such as this I believe you have to have a minimum 2-year buy-in.  The first year all you see is the living conditions, the poverty, and trash everywhere.  It is the 2nd year you know it is all about the people.  I have seen how God has moved in the hearts of so many in just 5 short years.

I want to thank Trinity for their prayers and support over the last 5 years.  Once again, if God wills it, I can go back next year.


Blessings to all,
Larry Westfall


It was a joy to get to be in the Dominican Republic and with Iglesia Bautista Quisquiana. This year there were several new ministry opportunities. We continued to hold Teacher Training, Vacation Bible Schools, and construction projects while adding an English camp, purchase and deliver food for World Hunger, hold a Pastor’s conference, hold a couples night, and Luau. We were on the go the whole time we were there. On the second day of VBS, I was helping with the recreation games. During the games I noticed one girl with down syndrome. She was assigned to one team and it was such a blessing to see how the other children on her team helped and encouraged her to participate. There was a game where they kicked a ball past a line and then returned to pass it off to another child. As this little girl kicked the ball, she did so with vigor. It didn’t always go straight. But it didn’t matter because a few children ran alongside to keep it in front of her. Precious. It was a beautiful picture of a body working together. Not everyone can run at the same pace, but with the help of everybody, we can all run. God worked in our lives as we were blessed to serve. It is amazing that as we return,
sometimes exhausted, that we always feel we bring back more than we take. Thank you Trinity Baptist Church for all your support and prayers.  God bless Pastor Rudy and Patria as they minister among the people of the Dominican


Pastor John



Camp Sivells, May 20-24


Men’s Ministry Mission Trip 2015

Cloudcroft, New Mexico in many ways was delightful; Chilly mornings, cool days, and bright sunshine as 14 men from TBC worked long hours preparing Camp Sivells for its summer opening. The sound of lawn mowers, weed eaters, and picks & shovels resounded through the valley.  We were sustained by great food and drink, encouraging words, and most importantly, prayer.  Every evening after dinner was spent doing devotion time and sharing. After three days of hard work the camp had been transformed.  A deep feeling of the greatness of God’s provision was felt as we loaded up to return home.  May God grant us the opportunity to return next year.

Blessings, Frank Brooksher


“A men’s work retreat gave us a chance to cross the age and worship barriers that inevitably arise in a church.  The best part of the trip was getting to know new friends and old friends better.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat!”


Thistles While You Work

Behold the upright, verdant thistles whose defenses include many sharpened missiles

Guaranteed to puncture the thickest of skin right down to where your meta carpals begin

Why God in His wisdom considered creating, a plant so reviled it earned a triple X rating

He must have decided our earthly existence required a test in landscaping resistance

So, in the interest of keeping you fully informed, ever alert and completely alarmed

Here’s my message direct, a lesson sublime, extensively researched with masterful rhyme

Attend to this first, let your mind be expanded, never approach a thistle bare handed

It’s completely and thoroughly postured to win, in a battle with you and your flimsy white skin

You could ignore its advance on your lovely abode, but it’s such a distraction, the gauntlet’s been throwed

Don’t go it unarmed or you’ll surely succumb, to multiple contusions and be considered just dumb

Secure the strongest of gloves, two pair at least, sufficient to assault this thorny green beast

To go it alone sans such needed protection, would ensure your fingers be exposed to dissection

You might think the best source of a thistle’s demise, is cutting it down to a manageable size

But once the deed’s done you’ll quickly find out, the thistle responds by growing fresh sprouts

There’s one other thing if you think it’s now dead, along its main roots new thistles will spread

Like sin in your life if you don’t play to win, and deal with the roots, it crops up again

Now the longer the thistle grows deep in the ground, its hold on the soil will amaze and astound

Gripping and tugging with all of your might, leaves the thistle intact, a victorious fight

And lest you think you’ll just wait ’til it dies, see how the wind makes its hundred seeds fly

Landing and sprouting in new crannies galore, all pledged to expand our carnage and gore

What’s true with our sin and thistles as well, if you ignore them they’ll create your own private hell

 For thistles and sin both strengthen each day, but arrest them at birth and they’re easy to slay

This tale of the thistle and its blight on the land, reminds us of sin that we fail to disband

Barely detected it seems hardly a worry, you’ll deal with it later, no reason to hurry

Then, one day you waken and soon realize, this meaningless sin has quadrupled in size

It controls your thoughts and becomes your master, and left unchecked is a looming disaster

There’s just one solution in this desperate hour, confess your sin, claim His healing power

For Christ alone has conquered all sin, no matter what form your thistle comes in

Scripture declares if our sins we confess, He will cleanse from us all our unrighteousness

Cast your thistles on Christ and from root to the stem, he’ll cast it away and replace it with Him

So, choose this day which master to serve, some skin-shredding thistle, (a gift from the ‘perv’)

Or the life-giving healing of your Savior and friend, who promises your thistles forever to end

Dedicated to the several stout-hearted souls who battled the Sivells’ thistles. 
Wiley Wilkerson, May, 2015



Mexico, July 26-31


Mexico Mission Trip took us to Morales which is about 35 miles southwest of Eagle Pass were we worked with Baptist Church in helping conduct their VBS. When we arrived on Sunday evening the Church was having a Baptismal service for a young couple whose son helped us unload. His, Pedro, smile was worth the whole trip. We got to work with a little over 100 children. One of the members of the Church was a young man who played the guitar and sang very well. He was such a delight to work with and see God use. Although the temperatures were very hot, we were able to operate and endure with His help. Did not get to do much repairs and maintenance as we had originally thought but we feel the trip was very successful.

Mark Clemons


Jesus told us in Matthew 28:19 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. This has always been my true desire for our Mexico mission trips. This year when we arrived 4 people were being baptized which confirmed the love of Christ was being spread throughout Mexico. This church was definitely growing and after talking with the pastor, he had great plans to move the church forward. We had a small group this year to go with us but no matter how small or large God always provides. I was blessed with being able to prepare the food for the meals all day but the true blessing was getting to just socialize with all from the church. I just want to thank all that helped with the kitchen work and all that gave of their time and served God each day with the VBS. We need to continue praying for the churches in Mexico and thank you all for your prayers and support.

Love In Christ,
by Karen Maddox

This was my first mission trip, so I was somewhat apprehensive about going to Mexico, since on the news there is nothing good said about Mexico. However, I was convinced that this was to be my “get out of my comfort zone” experience.

The team was wonderful to work with. Everyone pitched in to help in whatever way was needed. We had a devotional each day to start off our day, and had wonderful Mexican meals, cooked by our kitchen crew.

I was asked to teach Rug Hooking to the adult women as one of the crafts, so I spent many hours cutting wool that was donated by our church members – (thank you), drawing some designs to be hooked, gathering embroidery hoops, rug hooks, and crochet hooks. Not knowing how many adults would want to learn, I guessed there might be about twenty people. I had drawn the designs for a Christmas tree ornament, reasoning that if they learned the technique, they would be able to hook rugs or wall hangings.

The first night we had twelve women and two men (yes, men can be very good rug hookers!). Three ladies from San Antonio, who spoke Spanish, spent the first afternoon learning to rug hook so they could interpret instructions and help the ladies, also. The language difference was not a problem with these wonderful ladies to help!

Most of the women (and one man) finished their ornament and wanted to hook more, so I drew them a candy cane and a wreath ornament, for which I gave them the wool to finish later. They all seemed to enjoy learning this craft.

By the end of the week, we had twenty-three people in our group, two being a young couple that heard about the Bible School and brought their daughter. We had a lesson each evening and two evenings one of the Spanish men from San Antonio gave the lesson. I could not understand the language, but everyone was listening intently and reading along in the Bibles provided. The young couple asked to speak to the man after the class. The pastor and our lesson leader talked with them at length and they accepted Christ that night! They were so excited, they could hardly wait for the next night to come again! Praise the Lord!

Karen Maddox

2015-Mexico Mission Trip

I have been asked the following questions about the recent trip to Mexico.

How were the border crossings? Going over, the Mexican officials checked all of our vehicles, using their eyes and their dogs. They found nothing to keep us from moving forward. Coming back. Our passports were checked and no questions were asked. We were back in the USA in record time.

Was it hot? After the first two days of learning it was 107 & 108, I did not ask again! I am sure it was the same all week, if not hotter. Fans helped the air and would dry the sweat in the area where we had our meals. The kitchen had an a/c unit and two fans that also helped. Our rooms were air conditioned with window units which made it comfortable for sleeping. The units were turned off after we left each morning, so it took a while for the room to cool after we returned.

Did we have help? Yes, the church people met us and unloaded the kitchen van and trailer iin record time. One young boy was excited to help by carrying heavy boxes by himself! I tried to pick up a box and decided it was too heavy for me and asked him to carry one end. He didn’t need my help. I bragged on his arm muscles and he loved showing them off! The morning we left, there were three teenage boys and several men from the church who helped our group load the van and trailer.

Did many attend? Yes, we had many children and adults come each night. Mark Clemons and I got to wrap cookies each day for them. Tomas prepared the Gatorade and Lemonade each night and he and Mark served all the children and adults after the classes were out. The children loved showing their Bible story artwork they made each night.

Another question was “was it worth going?” My answere is “yes it was!” The night we arrived, the worship service had begun but we observed four people baptized and had the Lord’s Supper with the congregation. Their joy in the Lord was evident as their worship leaders led in singing and the 17 year old boy playing the guitar. Wednesday during the adult class, a young couple came by and wanted to know what was going on as they had seen lots of people coming and going. The pastor explained that it was a week for teaching the truths of the Bible and by the end of his visit with them, both accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior! They were both back the next night. The pastor had arranged for a couple to mentor them. We also saw seven children accept Christ. I know God will continue to bring more into His kingdom as this body of believers continues the work they were already doing. It was a great privilege to be a part of our group to go, pray, work, and encourage these brothers and sisters in Christ in Morelos, Mexico.

Jean Ward


Nallely (Pronounced Nayelly) Serna was my sweet coworker from Primera Iglesia Bautista.  A mother of two, her husband is a truck driver who goes all over the US. Our group of 9 to11 year olds grew from 10 to 20 by Thursday.  Monday we began with Daniel in the Lions’ Den, Tuesday, David and Goliath, Wednesday, the Prodigal Son, and Friday the Salvation message through the Power Beads.  The “Three Musketeers” pictured were good helpers: Hector, Miguel, and Daniel.  Daniela looking down at her decorated envelope containing the daily scriptures also narrated David and Goliath tableau during the closing ceremony.  She was so mature for a 10 year old!  The children enjoyed decorating their JESUS MI MEJOR MAESTRO (Jesus My Best Teacher) banners with sequins and their scripture envelopes with stickers and markers.  Most of the children said they didn’t go to church regularly, nor to Primera.  On the last day, three children raised their hands to accept Christ into their hearts. 

    A special time occurred with one of the motel’s desk clerks, Juan Manuel, one evening.  He asked if we happened to have a Spanish-English Bible so he could study more about God and learn more English…I had stuck a Good News New Testament in my bag at the last minute; although he said he was Catholic, he was proud of his wife for preparing food for a VBS at the Primera Iglesia Bautista of nearby town Allende. 

    PS The little white cat, our mission mascot pictured belly up, was full of Mark Clemons’ fried chicken.  He didn’t show up the last day…someone said one of the little girls took him home…happy ending! 

  Jo Carole McCulley (Jody)

We have been attending the Mexico mission trips for about 10 years. My family, children and grandchildren, about 8 of us, have gone with us to these mission trips. My grandchildren have experienced mission work with us, they will never forget this work of the Lord. We bring a message of salvation and have crafts for the women to do. I tell them that when they see the craft they’ve made, they will remember us and the message they heard. Each craft has a verse and is explained to them what it means. I encourage them to bring a friend or relative, that they are winning souls for Jesus by bringing them to hear the word of God. We have an average of 20 to 25 women coming to our class. I have been inspired by these women who come with their children and leave their husbands at home, to hear the word of God. I truly can see Jesus Christ in each member of the mission team.

Hope Reyna


We arrived in Morelos in the middle of the Sunday evening church service. They were celebrating the Lord’s supper and baptism of new believers! After the service church members helped us unload our food and kitchen supplies. Monday was spent setting up areas for Bible School. Mark Clemons words from Phil. 4 about “Rejoicing” helped us throughout that hectic day and following days. He also led our morning devotionals and prayer time. Because we try to help with any building needs Conrad, Jeb Reyna, Raquel Ponce, and Minnie Perez were sent to Piedras Negras to purchase four commodes. Our own Karen Maddox and the women from San Antonio practiced the rug hooking craft in preparation for the women’s class. Hope Reyna is God sent in leading this class. The adults were taught about God’s love and care for them through the study of Jesus parables. Youth and children also learned about obeying God from the stories of Daniel and David and Goliath. Our love and concern for our neighbors was shown not only by providing commodes and supplies but through our daily contact. Many children came looking for our smiles and hugs. Jean Ward is a good hugger! Br. Luis Ponce, in spite of some health problems and a secular job is faithfully delivering God’s messages. God is working through him and other Christian adults to bring live back to this 35 year old church. We praise God for our San Antonio women and men in faithfully working with us each year! And we praise God for your monetary and prayer support. Through your Mexico Mission teams work and financial support this church is becoming a beacon of God’s light and love.

Conrad & Terri Pyle



Zambia, July 3-29

zam1Amano Christian School is a primary/secondary education boarding school for approximately 130 students. Amano has been in operation for a decade and has seen steady growth every year. The ultimate goal is to grow to a student body of about 350.

During our experience in Zambia, spanning just over three weeks, we were able to lead the schools spiritual emphasis week, help out around the campus, and teach some secondary classes. During the spiritual emphasis week focused on the story of Joseph and how Gods plan of redemption can affect our lives. During this week we had assemblies, worshipped, and led small group discussion. This was a powerful week where we were able to get to know the kids and answer many questions about their faith. The Lord used us to make an impact on a lot of students, and ultimately led at least one student to the Lord.

We were also able to help out in the classes. Aaron taught secondary mathematics and Andrea was able to help out in the science classroom and also in the school cafeteria.

We were able to be a part of the school sports day as well. Aaron helped with setting up the races and Andrea was an all around helper. Our daughter Olivia loved the outdoors and was very social with the students.

Our Sunday school at Trinity was very helpful. Families came together and donated a lot of supplies directly to Amano such as sports jerseys, kitchen supplies, etc. The students and staff were thrilled to receive these items.

The staff was thankful to have help. Amano is in great need of teachers, building managers, a kitchen manager, and dorm parents. We are prayerfully considering going to Zambia as full time missionaries to serve these students as early as 2016.

Aaron & Andrea Anderson




Ukraine, April 20-May1


Ukraine 2015: Singing Men of Texas Mission Trip to Ukraine

April 20 to May 1, 2015,       Dan Petty

uk1The Singing Men of Texas mission trip consisted of public concerts in various cities in central and western Ukraine, and interface with evangelical churches in the cities. Along with the sacred music concerts provided by the Singing Men, there were encouraging and evangelistic messages given by Michael Gott, international evangelist from Texas. All of the concerts and messages were coordinated with local church pastors and leaders, and everything was presented in the Russian and Ukrainian languages (using interpreters or projected words) as most appropriate for the local settings. Members of the local churches provided gracious and delicious meals for our group throughout the week, and use of their church facilities as needed.

Key observations of the mission experience in Ukraine:

  1. Attendees for the concerts included every age-group, and there were a few military men and women in uniform. Generally, there was a greater number of young adult and teen attendees in the second, later concert on nights that included two concerts.
  2. The concert halls were either filled comfortably or packed at every concert. This seems to be a result of one or all of the following influences:

*A “great-awakening” work of the Holy Spirit in Ukraine

*Diligent inviting and sharing by Ukrainian evangelical church members and leaders

*An array of effective printed advertisements in local papers and on the streets

*The general influence of open Christianity-Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox over the past twenty-five years

*A love and appreciation for Americans by the Ukrainians

*Preparations and urgings among the people that only God could accomplish!

  1. uk3Ukrainian people are very gracious, friendly and demonstrative! They smile, shake hands fervently, hug unabashedly, and exude appreciation.
  2. Those with any English language skills were anxious to try them out on us, and many did very well with English, especially the students and those adults that had attended English classes.
  3. On several occasions, people accosted us individually to ask us to pray for a loved one’s salvation, to come to their home to meet a loved one who needed Jesus, to mourn with them over the death of a loved one, or other such personal needs.

The large audiences at the concerts were there to listen attentively and take in the entire experience. They gave rapt attention to our singing, and were generous in their applause and involvement.

Our evangelist emphasized at each concert that we were there to bring encouragement and hope to the people of Ukraine, and that we had come, not to take from them, but to give. All of the concerts were free of charge, and the people were very appreciative that we would come at our own expense to share with them in this way.

uk4Ukraine Trip 2015
Gayle Petty

My reflection on the 2015 trip to Ukraine with the Singing Men of Texas and Michael Gott, evangelist, is that it changed my life. I will forever identify more closely and compassionately with all things associated with missions, especially foreign missions.

When Ukrainians asked “why would you leave America and come to our war-torn country?” that was the perfect intro to tell that the love of God motivated us and to further tell about God’s love which gave His Son to die for the sins of man so that we, through Jesus, can have everlasting life.

Being a strange in a foreign land gave us many opportunities to share the Gospel. Many people in Ukraine said they loved American and they loved Americans. This both humbled and challenged me personally, to be worthy of their declarations.

uk7Occasionally in life and in ministry we get to observe the hand of God working in visible and tangible ways. This is exactly what I experienced as I participated in the Singing Men of Texas mission trip to Ukraine in April.              

What I didn’t experience while there may be easier to describe than what we did

…I didn’t feel as though my personal safety was threatened

…I didn’t experience sub-par food, lodging or transportation (though the roads between cities leave much to be desired!)

…I didn’t feel unwelcome.

What I did experience during the 10 days I was in the Ukraine was…

…a people, anxious to see and hear what this group of Texans had to say and sing.

…Ukrainian Christians who were genuinely encouraged by the presence of men and women who would give up their time to come to them.

…many people in the Ukrainian Baptist churches who served selflessly so we could experience the best of their food and their culture.

…thousands who would pack the performance venues in order to hear songs in a language that they couldn’t understand.

…thousands who would, in their own hand, indicate that they wanted to be a committed follower of Jesus Christ.

While our original plan for travel, lodging or concert venues didn’t happen, God had a better plan and I believe that divine appointments happened that changed, forever, the lives of those involved…both the Ukrainians and the Singing Men of Texas. Thank you Trinity Baptist Church for making it possible for me to participate in this life changing mission trip. I don’t believe it will the last!

Larry Danks


uk6I enjoyed the people & the food of Ukraine. We were made to feel at home and welcomed overwhelmingly, with a brass band, literally. The concerts performed by the Singing Men of Texas were fabulous, and the venues were varied from one of the great concert halls of Europe to generic halls that have been neglected due to economic limitations. Only once did we encounter strict security at the concerts.

I never felt that our safety was at risk but immensely enjoyed hearing stories of Ukraine’s history and how the people are fiercely independent and patriotic.

We thoroughly enjoyed spending time in the street market. Watching parents and children interact in the park and shopping for souvenirs.

There were always opportunities to speak English with the Ukrainian people. Many were as easy to understand as Americans. I would eagerly welcome any opportunity to return to Ukraine.

Mary Pat Danks




Moldova, June 19-29


I was privileged to go on mission to Moldova this June 2015.  Working with small children in a camp setting was a cherished calling.  I enjoyed working with my small group of seven to nine year old girls.  We learned the story of Joseph through sharing and coloring, and I was able to learn each personality just a bit while there.  I treasure the time I was also able to spend with the young woman whom I formerly sponsored and with whom I stay in frequent contact.  All girls have found a sincere place in my heart.  I was also moved to spend some time at family homes in the town in which we worked.  The mission being served by our community host missionary is in a growth phase, and I quickly found my heart being drawn to his ministry in the town and praying for their continued success.  I pray that my girls will find themselves again at the center and learning about Jesus more and more all the time.  I would be blessed to serve in Moldova again next year, and I invite all to learn more and join the joyful journey that mission in
Moldova is. 

Sarah Worden



Moldova Mission Trip was different this year, the team got to work with children in Criuleni a small city about an hour northeast Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, where we stayed. We had about 100 children come to the camp and most of them indicated at the beginning of camp that they had not heard John 3:16 before. By the end of the week they all had heard the Gospel and many had the opportunity to accept Christ. We got to work with Sergui & Veronica Luchin who live in Criuleni and work with the children of that city. The parents in this city are very Orthodox and very resistant to change according to my translator so we feel that we were able to impact the whole family by investing in the children. In the past we have almost always worked exclusively with orphans so this year was much different but very rewarding. We got to stay at the camp and have lunch with the children which was very rewarding. It is one thing to spend time with them during camp but something much more meaningful to spend time with them in a none teaching environment.

Mark Clemons



John and Linda Worden
Moldova Mission Trip Report Summer 2015

It may require many hours of planning, preparation and traveling, but to be in Moldova for an opportunity to share Bible stories about God’s loving plan for people is an experience for which we continue to thank God.  This summer provided the 10th opportunity for TBC to partner with CERI, Children’s Emergency Relief International, as they continue to work with the poorest and neediest children and their families in Moldova.  Our team of seven provided Day Camp programming in the home and yard of a missionary family committed to the town of Criuleni – a 45 minute drive from the capitol city of Chisinau.   With prayerful hope that 55-60 children would come for this camp, CERI selected translators, older teen helpers, planned for feeding everyone at noon, put up posters in the community, sent letters of invitation to families, rented and set up a large tent in the corner of the large, flat yard and communicated with our American team.  We selected curriculum, prepared to teach classes of children, took materials for crafts, recreation, dramas, scripture memory, cash for lunch items and tent rental as well as some small gifts – socks, toothbrushes/paste, candy, kid stuff – which we gave as the week ended.  Our curriculum used the life of Joseph to communicate God’s faithfulness and plan as He uses faithful followers through and in spite of hardships.  A memory verse was selected for each of the 5 lessons shared during the week.  But John 3:16 was selected as the theme verse for the week.  As we began our week in a large group opening session, we began to memorize and understand that verse.  Through a translator, I asked for children who already had this verse memorized to raise their hand.  One child raised his hand!  As we looked out at the 54 eager, beautiful children that first day,weI realized our week was going to be spent with children who were being introduced to God’s story for the very first time.  They do not live in homes with parents who know God.  It would be our privilege and responsibility to share Jesus’ love and truth so that the Holy Spirit would draw many into relationship with the Lord.  We learned later that the little boy who raised his hand was the son of the missionary couple hosting our Day Camp.   On our last day, 82 children were present and lots of children were quoting the verses they had memorized.  It was God who supplied us with His daily strength, great weather and a support team who could translate our words into the language the Moldovan children would understand.  Our team of 7 was committed to the task and our home church provided the much needed prayer and financial support including $290.03 from the generous offering of the VBS children. 

In our final large group gathering of our Day Camp, the missionary spoke to the 82 children gathered in the tent and challenged them to become a follower of Jesus.  As he asked children to stand who were ready to repent and become a Christ follower, all but about 5 stood to pray as they were led by this godly man.   My heart continues to be filled with gratitude for what God did that week and for His continued use of a team from TBC.  There
is hope in Moldova that we will return next summer.




mold8We traveled daily outside of Chisinau to the town of Criuleni, going to a small mission house in a neighborhood. There we did a VBS from 10 am – 3 pm.  During the week, our children count started with 54 and increased daily.  A pastor, his wife, and their 2 children live there and open up the house to the neighborhood children to come and have recreation and Bible teaching. Pastor Sergio and Veranica have precious and tender hearts for this very important ministry. They follow up with the children and are able to meet the families. This of course plants more seeds in a very strict orthodox environment that is not very open to ‘other religions’ coming in.

This pastor had passed out a flyer for the VBS that truly humbled us. It stated “Camp of Wonders” – we couldn’t live up to that but knew The Lord could.

From the second day on and each day afterwards, the children would crowd the gate waiting for ’the Americans’ to arrive.  The children would not wait for us to descend from the steps of the van. They would push around the door as they smiled and talked excitedly! I’ve never felt so loved and so wanted! They would spot their ‘teacher’ and with eyes sparkling, grab you, and hug you and we would walk in a ‘group hug’ into the courtyard area. I just can’t say how very special these children are to me!  We had great interpreters for the whole week and we appreciated them. While languages can be a barrier, I truly believe The Lord opens up that door and makes it easy to relate by allowing genuine love to remedy any barrier.

Too much to get into a short writing of our week in Moldova, but here are some highlights:

-Knowing God does not ‘need’ my feeble works, but HE opened a door and my heart and allowed me the privilege to go in His Name. 

-The Lord allowing me to catch each flight (despite 2 late planes) and make it into Moldova late that Saturday night.

-Working with such efficient leaders in John & Linda Worden.  We truly were a team and I was privileged to work with them and Sarah, James, Mark, and Lesley.

-Meeting these beautiful children and being allowed to plant seeds of the Truth of Jesus’ love for them. To tell them God Loves Them!

-I claimed Jeremiah 29:11 for each of my girls and counted it such a Blessing to look them in the eyes and call them by name and tell them God has a plan for their life and I pray they will seek Him, His Truth, and His path.

-As Pastor John has said, ‘the baton is passed on around the globe as His people gather to worship.’  While in church in Chisinau, Moldova that Sunday, I witnessed the most precious, beautiful baton being passed on and I thanked My Lord Jesus for the opportunity He had allowed me with His precious Saints in a foreign country and witnessing a strong remnant of Believers in that place.

-Closing my eyes and listening to the beautiful voices of the children in VBS singing in worship time.

-Learning that many children ‘stood up’ when asked if they wanted to follow Jesus. Praying these seeds grow mightily!

Deanna Caraway



Men’s Ministry



When in the Fullness of Time

But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.
Galatians 4:4-5 (KJV)


“When in the fullness of time was come.” This remarkable expression, “the fullness of time,” is, with a slight variation, once used by the Apostle Paul elsewhere: he calls the Gospel, when writing to the Ephesians, “the dispensation of the fullness of times” (Eph. 1:10). In both cases, Paul means by “fullness,” that which fulfills or brings to completion; the arrival of a given moment which completes an epoch; the hour which fills up its appointed measure and brings it to a close. It was in like sense that our Lord and His Apostles used the word “hour” as marking a particular point in His life, determined in the counsels of God . . . The Passion was especially the hour of Christ; the Birth of Christ was the hour of the world. It was “the fullness of time.” Most of us know these two events by our celebrations on Christmas (the moment of the incarnation) and Easter week (death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus).

Limited by the amount of space which I can use here, I submit the following meaning. The fullness of time in the incarnation and the Passion Week delivers us from the false views of the world and life. It divides all history into two portions for the Christian thinker – into that which precedes and that which follows. It divides the human race at this moment into two portions – that which is within the Kingdom of the incarnate Son, and that which is without. It divides the interests of life, of thought, of work, for a genuine Christian into those which bear upon and advance God’s work of love in the incarnational Son who died on a cross, was buried and arose on the third day, and those which do not. When a man has once learned what is meant by these stupendous two events (the incarnation and the Passion Week) up to which all history leads, from which all true human interests ultimately will radiate, then life, work, the world, death, the future, wear another aspect.

moreau.dale (200x200)
By Dr. Dale Moreau
He has his Theology degress from Howard Payne University, SWBTS, and Union Theological Seminary. He is passionate about archeology of ancient Native Americans and tennis.
Biblical Theology Class
(Coed, 18+)
Sundays @ 5:30 PM
Room 221


Small Group Bible Study

Sunday Mornings
9:45 AM
Agape Class
Room 223, Ken Brown
Ages 70-90
Verse by verse study using lecture with question and answer
Crossroads Class
Gym Floor, Gary Anderson & Keith Williams
Ages 50-60
Verse by verse study of the Bible
Fellowship Class
Room 132, Pat Burton
Ages 65-80
Smyth and Helwys Uniform Adult Bible Study
Friendship Class
Room 221, Richard Cox & Frank Brooksher
All Ages
Verse by verse study of the Bible
Joyseekers’ Class
Room 224, Mart Hanna
Ages 20+
Smyth & Helwys Uniform Adult Bible Study
Jubilee Class
Chapel, Kay Miller, Gene Ayers, Chris Christopherson
Ages 55+
BaptistWay Press
Pilgrims of Faith Class
Room 121, Truman Martin
Ages 55-75
Masterwork by LifeWay
Standing Room Only Class
Room 220, Wiley Wilkerson
Ages 40-60
The Ultimate Road Trip by Jay Stewart
Women of the Word Class
Room 208, Helen Puccini & Judy Williams
All Ages – Women
11:00 AM
College Class
Room 221, Roslyn & Zeke Houghton and Michael & Kerri Derry
Young Singles
Ignite Class
Room 224, David Hinson & Dan Boone
All Ages
Roots Class
Chapel, Clark Elliston
Ages 20-30
LifeWay Bible Studies for Life
Home Groups
Please call the church office for directions.
Sunday Night
Kroeker’s Home
5:30 – 7:00 PM
Tuesday Night
Harston’s Home
7:00 – 8:30 PM

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TBC Loves Little League

This Friday night our church is doing something we have never done before.  Ok, maybe we have done it before as a parent or grandparent of a player, but never before as a congregation.  We are asking our people to show up to the Little League field and support the community.  Every Friday night the place is packed with kids, coaches and parents.  What a great mission field that is.  Please come out and watch some great baseball.  Make signs for the Royals, Stingrays, Red Sox, or Reds.  Come and support the kids whether you know them or not.  You can also help the Little League by baking goodies to sell in the concession stand.  All proceeds from the sale of these baked goodies will go directly to the Little League.  
On a more personal note, my experiences with youth sports have been wonderful.  I have loved being with my kids and their friends.  I coached my first youth sports team in 2002 and every season since then has presented one ministry opportunity after another.  The ministry field in the world of youth sports is ripe unto harvest so that is why I hope to see you all at the ball park on Friday night.


Thank you, Chris.

This past week was the end of an era at TBC.  Chris Christopherson announced his intentions to take the full time chaplaincy position at Peterson Regional Medical Center.  The role that Chris filled was vital to the ministry of our church for a variety of reasons.  He didn’t have an office and you couldn’t call his extension because there was none to call.  Instead, you could find Chris at the hospital making visits, or at a nursing facility checking on members, or in the home of a shut-in, or in his car blazing over to San Antonio to be there for a surgery.  If you’ve never been in a nursing facility or even a hospital then chances are you might not even realize all that Chris did.  Chris was so important to the many members who couldn’t be a part of Trinity week in and week.  He was their bridge to their church that illness or physical limitations forced them to miss.  He was the lone connection to so many people and because of that they never felt neglected or forgotten by their faith family.  Those are the obvious things he did for TBC.  I feel compelled to state the not so obvious things as well.  Because Chris was Chris, Pastor was freed to be pastor.  Pastor John still makes it to the hospital and he loves to make contact with our faith family but he is one man.  If he filled his week by visiting hospitals, shut-ins, nursing homes, etc, then he would never be in the office.  If he was never in the office then he would never have time to visit with folks who walk-in the front door.  If he was never in the office he would never have time to prepare a sermon or Bible study.  So you can see just how important Ted Hinton, David Reinhart and now Chris have been to our pastors.  Chris being at his best helped our Pastor be at his.  Thank you, Chris.
Please be in prayer for the next person that God calls to fill this very important position on staff.  I also want to remind you that this coming Sunday we will have a special time to celebrate Chris’ ministry here at TBC.  Please bring him a card that wishes him well and a gift card that blesses him well.
In Him,


Men’s Ministry Trip

TBC Men’s Ministry Mission Trip
Camp Sivells in Cloudcroft, New Mexico
May 20-24
$75 with a $25 deposit on sign up

Our men will go to Camp Sivells and help with projects that are needed prior to the start of summer camp season.
Sign up with Mary Pat at 895-0100 or mpdanks@tbck.org.
I gave you the basic information first, but have hopes that you will continue to read past the details of this great trip.  Our men’s ministry is in full gear with a bunch of moving parts.  Great parts, but still moving parts.  A trip like this will go a long way in solidifying this ministry as well connect men of all ages with one another.  $75 is a small price to pay for serving the Kingdom and building lasting relationships with other men who are also on this journey called life.  I pray you will consider going on the trip.  This trip isn’t just for TBC members so use it as a chance to invite a friend or to plug in men who may be on the fence about calling TBC their church home.  The work will be hard but it will create some great memories and it will bless this summer camp profusely.  There is my sales pitch.  Pray about it and join the fun on May 20th.


Empty Cross

The Victor musical presentation that our choir presents each year is a great primer for the Easter season.  The musical and visual depiction of those events is powerful.  So much so that I get goosebumps each time I watch it.  This past Sunday night was the final performance of The Victor for this year and as I sat and listened the word empty kept sticking with me.  This idea of “empty” was troubling.  The cross and the grave were both empty by the end of the performance so we should celebrate, right?  In the days following the performance I keep circling around empty.  It wasn’t until I was getting coffee this morning that I found some closure to my “empty” conviction.  While in line to get coffee, I could overhear a group of ladies conversing at a nearby table.  One lady was obviously troubled by some stuff happening in her life.  I couldn’t help but to hear the hurt in her voice.  Her friends were trying to console her and hugs were being shared all around.  I know I was eavesdropping but I had hoped that somebody would bring God into the conversation.  I didn’t happen.  These women parted ways and I heard a few words about karma and paybacks but that’s it.  I can’t imagine that any of those ladies left that table feeling better.  Not a single heart could have been satisfied by chalking everything up to karma and then going about their day.  This was the “empty” reminder that I needed.  We are surrounded by folks who are empty and searching for answers.  All around us are people who have no hope.  Oh that they may find the hope we have in Christ.  And oh that we might be willing to share it.


Worship Kids

Worship Kids
New Wednesday Night Children’s Activities beginning on March 25th at 6 pm.
Kinder through 2nd Grade – Sign Language Kids (Learning to sign with music)
3rd through 6th Grades – “Sticks” (Drama to music with props)
Call Paula at 895-0100 with questions or click here to register.
You can see the details at the top of this post, but what you don’t see is all of the work that has gone into preparing for new Wednesday evening programming.  If you are not familiar with what is happening on Wednesday evenings then allow me to bring you up to speed.  The evening begins with food.  Every good meeting begins with food.  Or at least it should.  Judy Brooksher is the our chef extraordinaire and the food is more than worth the $5 you pay for it.  No reservations are needed.  Just come.  Then while folks are finishing up their meals pastor leads in a Bible study and prayer time.  He is currently walking verse by verse through Job right now and this comes on the heals of having done the same thing through the books of Acts.  With Worship Kids now available, we have something to offer the entire family.  Come and eat, then send the kids to Worship Kids while you study the Book of Job, and then go to Sanctuary Choir practice after Bible study.  What a great evening!
For more information about Worship Kids, please visit our website or call Paula in the church office.  You can reach her at 895-0100.


Look Up

When you are searching for the Lord, King David said that the best thing you can do is go outside and look up.  Psalm 19 describes the beauty of the outdoors and all of God’s handiwork so to find God you simply look up.  With that in mind, we have a ministry for celebrating God’s creation called GenesisOne.  This ministry will take interested folks to one of the many state parks that surround our beautiful hill country.  Exercise is so important to our bodies (God’s temple) that we must be more intentional about making sure we get it.  Spending time enjoying the outdoors provides an enjoyable way of getting exercise while also soaking in God’s creation.  You just might meet a few friends along the way too.  Please join GenesisOne for their next trip to Enchanted Rock on March 17th.  If this sounds like something you or your family would enjoy, please call Christine in the church office to reserve your spot. 


Prayer Works

Prayer works.  I’ve seen the evidence with my own eyes.  Our prayer ministry had a vision for a prayer conference at our church.  This vision grew legs and started a journey that not many people knew where it would lead.  Debbie Williams, a well known author and speaker, happens to be a Trinity church member and she jumped on board as soon as she was asked.  The PRAY with Passion prayer conference at TBC was born.  Through the efforts of the TBC Prayer ministry, TBC Video ministry, and Hill Country Ministries we hosted one of the best conferences this church has ever seen.  Over 300 folks from the community attended the conference.  We streamed the conference live in multiple states of the US as well as at 3 known countries outside of the US.  We had 154 connections made on line and most of those were playing for groups at churches, encampments, and homes around our country.  Nobody knew how big this could be.  I don’t mention all of this to brag about our church, instead I mention this to brag about our God.  What started with one simple prayer ended up with hundreds of lives hearing the gospel and learning about prayer through this conference.  Thank you, Lord, for all of the glory is yours.


Prayer Conference

Pray with Passion Conference
Saturday, February 21st.  That would be this Saturday!
9 am to Noon
Cost is $5
Sign up today with Mary Pat Danks in the church office.  830-895-0100 or mpdanks@tbck.org.


In the Community

The best way to reach people is to be where the people are at.  Yesterday, several members our church spent time at the Little League fields helping with the baseball assessments.  We hit grounders, we timed baserunners, we judged their throws for distance, and we hit pop flies.  It was a beautiful day and God was glorified in the service of our saints.  I encourage you to look around and see where you can serve.  Maybe there is a club or group that is short on volunteers.  Maybe you like to work with children or perhaps senior adults are more your preference.  Find somewhere where you can be blessing to others.  You can make your civic service be Kingdom service by your attitude and grace when dealing with others.  As Pastor John always says, “We are most like Jesus when we are serving others.” 
Happy Serving,


The Victor

The Victor is a musical and dramatic depiction of the events of Easter.  Over 1500 people watched last year’s performance with tear filled eyes as the moving scenes made Easter alive and real to so many.  Work for this year’s Victor is underway.  In order for the program to be a huge success year in and year out we need our people to step up and give of their time and energy to bless our community.  We need more choir members.  We need more actors/actresses.  We need stage hands.  We need technical help.  The needs are great but the blessings are eternal.  If time doesn’t allow you to actively participate, you can commit to pray for the event.  Pray for the people who come into our sanctuary who might not have a relationship with the Lord.  Pray that the message impacts both believers and non-believers alike.  Pray for all of the details to fall into place as we look for volunteers.  In addition to praying for the Victor, please invite your neighbors, friends, and family who could benefit from this amazing presentation.  The point is, there is a place for everyone to serve.  Contact Larry or Christine today if you can help out.  


Kellee Parish

(Sharefaith App Image)
We are pleased to announce that we have a new Children’s Minister.  Kellee Parish was voted in by our church yesterday by an overwhelming majority.  Welcome to Kerrville and TBC, Kellee and Tres.


In View of A Call

Join us this Sunday as we welcome Kellee Parish in view of a call to be our next Children’s Minister.  She will share her story in all 3 services on Sunday.
There will be a special meet and greet planned on January 31st from 2 to 4 pm for everyone to get to know Kellee and Tres.  We would like to encourage all families with children and anyone who volunteers in the children’s ministry to come and meet Kellee. 
Come be a part of this TBC faith family moment.


Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Did you know that we have a monthly newsletter?  You can access that online at tbck.org/messenger
Our worship ministry assistant, Christine Johnson, does a great job putting together our newsletter each month.  You can find it here online or you can have it sent directly to your email inbox.  Just one more way you can keep up with all of the happenings at TBC.



old phoneEach week we will post a thought to our blog to keep you apprised of the goings on at TBC.  This thought may be a devotional written by one of our ministers.  It could be a word from one of our ministry team leaders.  The post might simply be an update for an upcoming event.  We might post something humorous to make sure your funny bone works or we might post a topic relating to something happening culturally and that pertains to us.  The point is, we just might post anything and you might just like it. 
Check each Monday to see what is new.  This is just one more way we try to keep a church with 3 services and 2 Bible study hours connected as one family.