Cuba – April 2016

It’s hard to imagine walking through an airport doorway and immediately being transported to a time almost 60 years in the past but that is exactly what it felt like when The CenturyMen arrived in Havana, Cuba on Monday morning, April 4th. Sixty singers plus accompanists arrived with almost 3 tons of cargo being transported to the Cuban churches…cargo including a sound system donated by Trinity’s Worship Choir for use by a small church, 7th Baptist in Santa Clara, Cuba.

From the very first moment we were keenly aware that our very presence was a testimony to the faith and prayers of the Cuban pastors and their people. We were able to walk the streets of Havana freely and were able to minister to those we encountered with our words of faith and our pleasant presence.

We are a men’s choir…singing in places where the gospel hasn’t been sung in since the revolution in 1959. In the grand theater and the basilica in Havana we were not only able to sing to an audience of people made up primarily of non-churched Cubans but we were also filmed for television and were broadcast nationwide during the following days.

During the 10 days while we were actually on the island we traveled from the east to the west performing 17 different concerts. On two different occasions we were divided into three performing groups and were sent to minister to three different churches in three different cities. We sang to full houses at virtually every performance and were delighted to see people come to Christ when the invitation was extended in virtually every situation.

While we traveled under the banner of Global Missions Project and were led by Camp Kirkland from that organization we were also accompanied by members of the Cuban Baptist Association and other volunteers who interpreted for us and assisted in many ways.

I am blessed to be part of this organization and am also very blessed to be part of a church which supports and prays for missions in multiple locations across the world.


Larry Danks