John Mark and Starting Over

John Mark and Starting Over

Has your life gone as you’d planned? Or has a mistake or choice put you on an unwanted path?

Do you need a “do over”, a fresh start?? The writer of the Gospel of Mark did after he left a mission trip before the work was finished. But God was not finished with John Mark, and God is not finished with you. He has a good plan for you. God wants to show you His love and His way of living. He will not leave you or quit on you.

John Mark came from a wealthy family and was a young man of action. His cousin, Barnabas, and Paul asked young John Mark to go with them on the first missionary journey to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. He turned back after a time and was labeled by Paul as a failure, a quitter. But God did not quit on John Mark.

Ray Stedman spoke of this in the Joy of Living introduction to the Gospel of Mark, “Later in 1 Peter 5, the apostle Peter spoke fondly of Mark, calling him ‘my son’. Perhaps Peter, who failed Jesus and was restored, understood something that Paul didn’t: A person who has failed can learn and grow from failure and become even more valuable to God in the restoration.” It is generally agreed that Mark received much of his information for the Gospel from Peter.
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