Trinity University – Spring 2017
33 Series
January 8 – February 19
A Man and His Marriage—You were meant to do more than live under the same roof! Marriage has incredible potential to bring great joy to a man and woman who embrace God’s amazing vision for a healthy marriage.  Topics include: Die to Live, Intimacy, and Game-changers.
Rm. 224, 6 weeks, $ 15
Beginning Handbells
January 8 – March 5
Do you enjoy the beautiful sound of handbells ringing?  Have you ever wanted to try your hand at ringing handbells? We will be presenting a beginning handbell class this Spring as a part of Trinity U. Prior musical knowledge is helpful but not at all required. This class will require at least 6 people but not more than 16 so sign up soon. The cost for the class covers the expense of the gloves needed.
Led by Larry Danks, Rm. 221, 8 weeks, $5
Conversational Spanish
January 8 – March 5
¡Jesus te ama! Learn to share the Good News of Jesus in Spanish. Conversational Spanish for Missions will lay a foundation for those who wish to share Christ with Spanish speakers here or abroad. No prior language experience needed. Material cost depends on choice of media.
Led by Jody McCulley, Rm 207, 8 weeks, Maximum $20
Discovering His Passion
January 8 – March 5
Are you concerned for the spiritual condition of our nation; about the moral compass of our families? Are you passionate for Christ, but aren’t always sure what to say when visiting with family and friends?  Jesus had a way of engaging people on the important topic  of eternity.  But how do we do it? In this course, we’ll study Christ’s methods. Then, we’ll watch brief DVD excerpts that show missed opportunities to share Christ replayed with a person sharing Christ. Topics include: *Seeing As God Sees *Issues of the Heart *Gentle Boldness.
Led by Debbie Williams, Chapel, 8 weeks, $10
The Disciple’s Cross
January 8 – February 19
Discipleship is not a course, program or even a method. Discipleship is a relationship… a relationship with people who desire the abundant life promised by Jesus in John 10:10. It is a relationship with others what works together to grow a closer walk with Jesus Christ. 
Led by JD Templeton, Rm. 121, 6 weeks, $10