Sunday Morning Worship Opportunities


8:30 Worship Service

Worship at 8:30 a.m. is led by Larry Danks, Minister of Worship along with a Praise Band and a Vocal Team made up of Trinity Baptist Church members. The singing, consisting of contemporary Christian tunes and ageless hymns, is done by the congregation with words projected on the screens for all to see. Our Pastor, John Wheat, brings the message and a time of response allows those in attendance to make spiritual decisions.

9:45 Worship Service

The singing will consist of current Christian songs as well as contemporary arrangements of the old hymns. Instrumental sounds will range from an acoustic blend with piano and basic guitar to fuller, more driving rhythms with drums/electric guitar and a full band. This service will take on a relaxed and informal feel as the Word is sung, preached by our Pastor, John Wheat and shared by Trinity Baptist Church members.

11:00 Worship Service

The 11:00 a.m. worship at Trinity Baptist is led by Larry Danks, Minister of Worship along with the Worship Choir and the use of the piano and organ. While the words to all of the songs are projected on the screens for all to see the use of hymnals remains an option. Special music is presented each week by the choir as well as by soloists and other groups. The worship service includes a decision time near the end of the service where people who attend are encouraged to make spiritual decisions.